About Us

Ambassador Holidays, Inc. was established in 2009, with a stated objective to provide a friendly welcome to travellers in India - rather than to solely establish a business relationship with them. Of course, high on the list of our priorities is to ensure top quality within best budget.
We are not recognized as one of the biggest travel companies in India, but with our hospitality, experience and understanding, we do know how to deliver the perfect holiday! 
In fact, we prefer to count our guests by the hundreds rather than in the thousands - as counting numbers is not part of our intent. Creating a circle of trust and happy memories is.
We act as your envoy, your personal ambassador - relaying the message of your requirements – to those sectors of the hospitality industry which value your custom and seek to exceed your expectations of pleasure and comfort. 
Once the connection is made, you can count on our services whenever you need us - even at short notice. Our testimonials testify that our services go beyond mere commerce and into the warmth of genuine friendship.
Like the ancient "tsir" or "one who goes on an errand," we too are on mission for you. 
Let us show you how to cherish India.

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