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If you are going for a vacation, you are the only one who should decide what you want in a vacation package or tour; however, with a myriad of alternatives in destinations, prices, levels of service and facilities, you need the assistance of a travel agent to help select the package or tour that's right for you.

An experienced travel professional can advise you impartially on what is best suited to your requirements and recommend the programs from which you can make a selection with confidence. Agents are travel information experts, eminently qualified to pinpoint your dreams, present your choices, and help pick the package that's best for you.

Here's a primer to help you prepare for a productive meeting with your travel agent:
  What's your budget? It needn't be hard and fast, but the options are too vast to approach without a figure or a price range in mind.
  What kind of experience do you want? Domestic or foreign? A city or the countryside? The mountains or the beach?
  What is the focus of the trip? Is it a family trip, where diversions for the children are needed? Is your goal to relax or do you want lots of activity?
  Do you want to stay put or move around?
  Would you like to pursue any hobbies?
  When do you want to travel?
  Plan dates-but with some flexibility.
  Prices change as a destination moves from its high season to a "shoulder" season and then low season.
What type of tour do you want?
  Are you interested in the comfort of a fully escorted motor coach tour or cruise?
  Would you prefer an all-inclusive package with air, or do you lean toward the greater independence of a modular approach?
  So we once again thanking you for the valuable time you spend with us in our site .Hope you made up your mind for an unforgettable vacation.

Kerala ,God's Own Country
Known for its lush greenery, exotic locales, tranquil backwaters, golden sandy beaches and amazing cultural set up, Kerala is indeed a place to be. Referred to as “God’s Own Country”, Kerala is indeed an experience you will love to remember for life. As one of the most preferred tourist destinations in India, Kerala offers a lot to its visitors. Cruise on its tranquil backwaters, visit spice plantations, indulge in rejuvenating ayurvedic treatments, relax on the pristine beaches or simply revel in the beauty of Kerala and get mesmerized in this magical land of southern India. A major tourist destination of India, Kerala is visited by large number of tourists every year. With hotels spread all over the state finding an accommodation is not a problem here. The hotels in Kerala provide you with luxurious comforts and warm hospitality making your stay a memorable one. Offering some of the finest hotels

  Hotels / Resorts

[more photos]
Coir Village Lake Resort
Location: Alleppey
... [more info]

[more photos]
Lulu Garden Hotels
Location: Trichur
... [more info]

[more photos]
Ilona Lake Resort
Location: Alleppey
... [more info]


Ambassador Holidays,inc.

Tholamkulam Blg,

M.O.S.C.Medical College road,


Ernakulam. Kerala,India 682 311

Ph:91.484 2763671

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16 Jolly Days In India
Duration: 16 days

Amby Houseboats Winter & Monsoon
Duration: 01 Night /2 Nights

Gavi Eco Tourism
Duration: 01 day / 2 days

Himalayan Heights and Valleys
Duration: 14 Day & 13 Nights

Holy Land
Duration: 10 Days & 9 Nights

House Boat Cruise
Duration: 1 night stay

Kerala at a Glance
Duration: 6 Nights 7 Days

North East India
Duration: 7Days 6 Nights

Duration: 8 days


Dream Season In

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